Access LEP Profiles from the Office for National Statistics

Having an understanding of the area covered by your Local Enterprise Partnership is vital when it comes to decision making, and access to a range of official statistics is crucial because the data gives you the evidence needed to back up these decisions

Gathering this evidence has become a lot easier since the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Profile tools. These products have been created to help LEPs, local authorities and other organisations make better use of official statistics to create a picture both for the LEPs themselves and the local authority areas within them.

Two versions of the LEP Profiles now exist: the LEP Comparator Profiles allow derived official statistics from a number of themes (Demography; Employment; Enterprise; Housing; Inclusion; and Skills) to be compared between partnerships and nationally. The LEP Local Authority Comparator Profile uses the same themes and statistics to enable comparisons for each local authority area within a LEP.

The Profiles are accessible on the Neighbourhood Statistics website and are completely free to use. They are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, comprising tables and charts, so comparisons are easily made through the use of drop down menus and themed reports. It is an indication of the value that the Profiles have to LEPs that there have been over 1,000 visits to the Profiles page on the Neighbourhood Statistics website since the LEP Comparator Profiles were updated in November 2011.

Both products are based on the Local Profiles which were created to help local authorities complete their local economic assessments and these are still available. They include the same themes as for both LEP Profiles plus Child Poverty, Economic Context and Environment.

To access any of the available Profiles go to the Neighbourhood Statistics website, by following this link.

For more information, or to voice your opinion, email the ONS at better.info@ons.gsi.gov.uk (quoting reference LN1).

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